• October 15 to May 1 on a first come, first serve basis.
  • After May 1, daily seasonal rates will be in effect.


  • $40.00 per Month or $2.00 per Day
  • Rent is due on the first day of each month
  • No steps or platforms are to be left out (must be removed by owner no later than December 1 annually.)
  • NO ELECTRIC OR CABLE CORDS LEFT OUT! Campers wishing to leave electric cords plugged in will be charged $2.00 per day extra.
  • Anything to be left on the lot other than a trailer or RV must be approved by the Park Manager.
  • Please do not spread loose mothballs on the ground around your trailer. Children & Pets can eat them and become ill. If you must use mothballs, tie them in a bag and hang them under your trailer from the trailer frame.


  • If you use your trailer for a night or weekend, you must pay the daily camping fee for each night you stay. If you come in at night, please come up to register BEFORE NOON the next day.
  • If you take your trailer or RV off the lot for any reason, you must notify the park of your DEPARTURE and RETURN dates.
  • The park reserves the right to rent any unoccupied storage lots. You must notify the park 48 HOURS prior to returning your trailer or RV to insure that the lot is vacant.


  • The campground is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Park roads are plowed all winter.
  • A heated restroom is open and showers are available.
  • For winter use, your lot will be plowed out pending advance notification.
  • Perchville weekend is the FIRST FULL weekend in February. Please allow one full week advance notification for snow plowing if possible.
The East Tawas City Park accepts no liability for lost, stolen or damaged property!